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5+1 unmissable resources on Conferences – May 2019 Make the most out of Conferences!

The 9th International Young Water Professionals Conference is approaching soon and to prepare for this key event, our second list of recommended resources will provide you advice on conferences, whether you are a first-time conference goer or a more experienced one:

how to give a professional and inspiring presentation without losing your nerveshow to get the most out of your first conferencehow to find your own voice as a communicator

#1 Speaking at conferences: A complete guide

Article, estimated reading time 14 minutes

In her Medium text, Cassie Kozyrkov gives very professional and extensive advice on speaking at conferences – everything from practical details to content planning.

#2 Want To Be A Great Storyteller? First, Break These Habits

Article, 3 minutes read

In this article you get practical advice for effective communication through storytelling. It does not explicitly discuss conferences, but maybe you can make your conference presentation more powerful and interesting by telling a story? This article inspired us, hopefully it will also inspire you.

#3 Speaking Up Without Freaking Out

Video, duration 13:44

Have you felt nervous when giving a public talk? Don’t worry, we’ve all experienced that. Matt Abrahams offers practical solutions to handle communication anxiety and provides tools to empower all of us to confidently share our ideas and stories.

#4 How to Crush Your First Conference

Article, 6 minutes read

Are you attending your first conference but feeling somewhat lost? James Walpole gives 10 essential tips for first-time conference-goers that will help you get the most out of the experience.

#5 Finding Your Voice as a Science Communicator

Article, 4 minutes read

There's plenty of advice and tricks on how to give a good presentation. However, if we think of good presentations we've heard, probably they have all been quite different from each other. Different styles work for different people depending on the audience, topic and event. This text gives advice on how to find your own style in public speaking.

#Bonus! 10 consejos para su primera conferencia

Article (Spanish)

This time as a bonus we want offer 10 Advices for your first conference in Spanish.

What are your best tips on conferences? Please share your experiences and insights.

Also, don’t forget the IWA videos on abstract writing, poster design, and presentation design! IWA will also be hosting a webinar Present in style 28 May 2019.

Did you find the list useful? Which resource did you consider the most helpful? Would you like to learn about specific topics?

Give us feedback and leave a comment below!

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