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Life in COVID-19 times: Five great resources for YWPs working from home

Welcome to our May newsletter! This month we have selected five resources for our Young Water Professionals who are working from home. Some of you might have been doing it long before isolation and physical distancing restrictions, but for most of us, working from home for such a long period of time is completely new. We’ve got resources that range from articles about productivity and wellbeing, to podcasts about maintaining happiness in COVID-19 times and a crowd-sourced document about doing fieldwork during the pandemic. We hope these resources will help you navigate these new working conditions and help you stay sane, connected and productive! #1 - Work from Home Tips: How to Stay Sane, Healthy, and Productive Article - 7 minutes read These last few months have shown us that for many of us, it hasn’t been so easy to adapt to working from home day after day and for an extended period of time. Are you after some practical advice? This article presents a thorough list of tips. #2 - Three ways to measure your adaptability — and how to improve it Video - 6 minutes watch Adaptability might be one of the single most important skills right now during these uncertain and rapidly changing times. Learn what your “adaptability quotient” is, how to measure it, and why your ability to respond to change really matters. #3 - Ultimate Remote Work Guide: 10+ chapters on remote work for employees and managers Article - 15 minutes read Remote work is here to stay! Is the current concept of remote work sustainable for your team? Discover the full guide to know more about it and find some of the best practices that helped this company create a remote team culture. #4 - Doing Fieldwork in a Pandemic Crowd-sourced document with resources If your work involves fieldwork, your plans have likely been interrupted by the pandemic. While the fieldwork methods suggested in this document might not be relevant to all YWPs, we selected this crowd-sourced open document as a great example of ways of working together and also to inspire some innovative online collaboration. #5 - The Happiness Lab - Coronavirus episodes Podcast series - 20-40 minutes listening/episode All these recent events and uncertainty can create a great deal of stress and worry. That is why we thought it was important to share with you this podcast from Yale University psychology professor. There are 10 podcast episodes on how to maintain wellbeing in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. BONUS: #6 - One to make you smile: How are pets dealing with their humans working from home. We thought you would appreciate this funny compilation of pictures of our newest “co-workers” - cats and dogs ’helping’ their humans work from home. Estas recomendaciones fueron publicadas por el subcomite: Career Building Troup, de la EWL, y presentan algunas actividades por las cuales estamos pasando en la actualidad en elpaís. Agradecemos el aporte que este subcomité hace a los miembros de IWA y los YWP en el mundo.

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